eye care tips for parents of preschoolers

Could your child need glasses? Learn the signs to look for and when you should take your child for his first exam.


Good vision is important for growing kids, especially as they begin reading and going to school. Below are basic tips for parents to help ensure their kids are looking good!

Be On the Look Out

Without a comprehensive eye exam, it's hard to know if your child is suffering from any kind of vision impairment. However, if your child is having trouble with her eyes, she may exhibit specific physical and behavioral signs. Here are some common ones to look out for:
    Physical Signs
  • One or both eyelids droop
  • Iris of one or both eyes appears cloudy
  • Excessive tearing in one or both eyes
  • Sensitivity to light, excessive blinking in bright light
  • Persistent redness in or around the eye(s)
  • Swelling or discharge from the eye(s)
    Behavioral Signs
  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Consistently sits too close to the TV
  • Holds items close to face to read
  • Squinting to see things close up or at a distance
  • Tilts head to one side to see better
  • Closes one eye to read, watch TV, or see better
If your child exhibits any of these physical or behavioral signs, or if he sustains an eye injury, take him in for a thorough eye exam.
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