nick jr. practice eye charts

These printable eye charts feature Nick Jr characters and turn a visit to the eye doctor into a fun game

Nick Jr. Practice Eye Charts
Help your little one practice "at the eye doctor" activities with this delightful game where she tries to identify favorite Nick Jr. pals on the chart! Play a few times to get her ready for her first visit.

Here's How You Do It

1. Print and tape together the two-page chart.
2. Pin the eye chart onto a wall.
3. Print and cut out the eye occluder that comes with the printable.
4. Have your child cover one eye with the eye occluder and stand at a slight distance from the chart, about 4 feet.
5. If she can identify all the characters on the chart, let her try a longer distance, say about 4 steps backwards.
6. Keep increasing the distance by 4 steps until she calls out "Enough!"
7. (Optional) If your child can easily identify the characters due to familiarity with the show, ask her to describe the details on the characters.
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