lalaloopsy's curriculum

Find out about the skills your child will be learning while watching the show

Lalaloopsy has a socio-emotional curriculum, designed to teach preschoolers how to be resilient, creatively solve problems by embracing diversity, and how to be a good friend. Read more about what your children will learn while watching this all-new series.

Primary Learning Goals

Resilience: There are sometimes minor disagreements, but the Lalas quickly resolve them and move forward with their tasks, never holding a grudge.

Creative Problem-solving: The Lalas pool all their diverse talents and skills together to overcome obstacles in their daily adventures, sometimes coming up with silly solutions that would only work in Lalaloopsy Land.

Empathy: The Lalas truly care about and for one another, oftentimes going to great lengths to help a friend or brighten her day.

Perspective-taking: The diversity of the characters creates many points of view and the Lalas always try to understand their friends' perspectives.
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