about princess kai-lan

The bears and foxes are feuding and only one girl can unite them!

Watch Princess Kai-lan with your preschooler and then use our talking points below to start a discussion about friendship.

Episode Synopsis

Kai-lan and her friends are playing in the backyard when they get a visit from their superhero friend, the Monkey King, who really needs their help! There's trouble in a kingdom far away--the foxes and bears who live there won't talk to each other and there's only one person who can help them become friends--Kai-lan! Kai-lan and her friends set off on a magical adventure with the Monkey King to help the Fox King and Bear Queen (voiced by Lucy Liu) work out their differences.

Extend the Learning at Home

This episode of Kai-lan gives parents a special opportunity to inspire imagination in preschoolers and to talk about issues related to making new friends, talking about feelings, and resolving conflicts with others. Watch Princess Kai-lan together and try some of the questions below to start a discussion with your preschooler.

  • What was your favorite part of the show?

  • Who's Kai-lan's superhero friend? What magical powers does the Monkey King have? (He can fly and make magic with his magical stick, like change himself into a flying squirrel and give Kai-lan and friends magical robes). What magical power do you wish you had?

  • Who's your favorite superhero? Why?

  • Why did the Monkey King ask Kai-lan to help him? (Because the foxes and bears in a kingdom far away are not friends. He thinks Kai-lan knows how to be such a great friend, she can help them become friends).

  • Before the baby fox and baby bear became friends, they found out they both like the same thing. Do you remember what it was? (Peaches). What are some things that you and your best friend both like?

  • Why weren't the bears and foxes allowed to talk to each other? (The Bear Queen was mad that the foxes' singing was too loud and the Fox King was mad that the bears' dancing was too loud).

  • Do you remember how Kai-lan got the Bear Queen and Fox King to talk to each other? (She talked to each one of them and asked them to talk to each other about what was making them mad). When you're angry with a friend, what are some things you can do to feel better?

  • At the end of the show, what did the bears and foxes decide to do so they could all be friends? (They danced and sang together.)

  • What did the friends decide to call their new kingdom? (The Kingdom of Friends). And who was their princess? (Kai-lan, of course!). If you lived in a kingdom, what would you call it?
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