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Introducing NickMom. All-new original programming just for moms!


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What's NickMom?

Starting Monday, October 1, at 10 p.m. (ET), Nick Jr. will introduce NickMom, a nightly comedy destination just for moms. NickMom features a mix of original long- and short-form programming, including stand-up and sketch comedy, talk shows, hidden camera, and more. With brand-new shows like NickMom Night Out, What Was Carol Brady Thinking? and MFF: Mom Friends Forever, NickMom celebrates motherhood one funny moment at a time.

When can I watch NickMom?

NickMom airs nightly on the Nick Jr. channel from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. ET. (After the kids are in bed.)

Are my kids' favorite shows changing?

No. Nick Jr. has always been an engaging, entertaining, and educational place where preschoolers learn and play with their favorite preschool friends every day. That's why Nick Jr. is The Smart Place to Play! Your kids will find all the curriculum-rich preschool shows they love every day on Nick Jr. From Dora the Explorer to Blue's Clues to Max & Ruby to Team Umizoomi--you name it--it's on Nick Jr.

And your kids can always find their favorite preschool characters, games, and videos all day, every day, right here on NickJr.com/kids.

What about commercials?

As always, Nick Jr.'s preschool shows remains the safe, educational place you and your kids have come to rely on. In order to create the highest-quality, educational and entertaining shows and characters for preschoolers, starting on October 1, we plan to carry limited advertising on Nick Jr. We've taken great care to ensure that we are being responsible in the ways we are adding advertising to Nick Jr. and keeping the educational experience intact for our preschool audience: The limited advertising on Nick Jr. will air well below the allotted commercial time set by the FCC; many of the commercials will be messages directly for parents, not kids; and this messaging will never appear within a program, only between shows.

Where can I find out more about NickMom?

To learn more about NickMom, to get email and text alerts about these exciting shows just for moms, and to find out about new shows coming to NickMom, be sure to visit NickMom.com!
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