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Learning With Olivia

If you are a parent of a preschooler, you have seen first-hand their capacity to generate ingenious ideas. Very young children are innately playful and imaginative. They sing and paint and dance with abandon.

Olivia is just like them. She moves in and out of fantasy and reality, imagining herself as a super hero, a pop star, or a mommy. It's critical to nurture this love of fun and creativity, especially as many preschools and kindergartens are pressured to emphasize skills at the expense of art and music, and dress-up. And no one embraces creativity and dramatic play like Olivia.

The Olivia television series is designed to invite preschoolers into the life--both real and fantasy--of an adventurous, can-do 6-year-old girl, her family and friends.

The series will:
  • demonstrate to children the fun and power of thinking for yourself
  • encourage children to pursue their goals with enthusiasm, ingenuity and persistence
  • encourage children to use their imaginations to wonder "What if . . ."

Olivia can serve as an aspiration role model for you child because she is:
  • bold and adventurous, both in reality and fantasy
  • feminine and physically active and adept
  • filled with good ideas that she thinks through and is willing to try
  • self-confident and optimistic

At the same time, Olivia remains very relatable. She is a regular girl who:
  • lives in a world of home and family familiar to preschoolers
  • confronts the limitations of being a kid
  • is frustrated by the distance between what she wants to do and what she is allowed to do

    Olivia and her active imagination can lead your child into appealing fantasy adventures both big and small. And through these fantasies, encourage children to recognize and value what they know and think, and to have the confidence in themselves to cope with new or difficult challenges in their day-to-day lives.
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