Nick Jr. Dress-Up Dolls

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Dora & Diego Paper Dolls

Ready for a super-silly dress-up adventure? Great! Print out the paper dolls and silly costumes to mix and match funny costumes.
Print & Start Playing Here

Max & Ruby Dress-Up Dolls

Now your kids can dress their favorite bunnies. Print these two pages and help kids color and cut out the six costumes.
Print Max & Ruby Dolls

Backyardigans Adventure Maker

Kids can create their own Backyardigans adventures with this nine-page printable activity pack. It's filled with costumes, imaginative backgrounds, and your child's backyard friends!
Print the Activity Pack

Backyardigans Paper-Doll Magnets

Here's a quick craft just right for Backyardigans fans. Print the pages in color on magnet paper (from craft stores and office-supply stores) and cut out the shapes. Stick Tasha, Tyrone, and Pablo to the fridge and mix and match their costumes!
Print the Backyardigans Magnets Here


Blue's Clues Puppet Theater

Let's put on a show! All your kids need are the printable finger puppets and backdrop, some craft items, a shoe box, and their imagination.
Print and Start the Show

Dora Diorama Craft

Turn a shoe box into a winter wonderland where Dora, Boots, Benny, and Tico can play. It's a printable craft that's just right for a snowy day--or any day!
Get the Diorama Printables

Backyardigans Finger Puppets

Watch the how-to video, print out the Backyardigans, and start your own finger-puppet show
Watch It Here