Nick Jr. Crafts

Make Bongo Drums

Your kids will have the beat with this do-together craft

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What You Need
2 oatmeal containers, emptied, cleaned and dried
Acrylic paint
Large wooden beads--about 1 inch in diameter
Craft clue or glue gun
Wide brush or mini roller
Foam shapes in assorted colors
Ribbon--approximately 18 inches long

What You Do

Step 1
Paint the oatmeal boxes and allow them to dry. Replace the tops on the boxes and turn the containers upside down.

Step 2
Place a wooden bead about a third of the way down the container and glue in place. Allow to dry. Place another bead about two-thirds of the way down the container, and glue in place also. Once the beads are dry and secure, glue them to the remaining oatmeal container. NOTE: Using a glue gun makes this step much easier, but only parents should use glue guns.

Step 3
Decorate the drums with different shapes and colors of foam.

Step 4
Glue one piece of ribbon to the outside of one oatmeal container. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to go over the child's neck and shoulders. Then attach the other end of the ribbon to the opposite container.

Step 5
You're ready to play the bongos!