Make Your Own Tambourine

Shake it! This tambourine is perfect for your budding musician.

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Watch the step-by-step instructions video on Nick Jr. Video.

What You Need
Two plastic plates
1 cup dry pasta (macaroni or penne)
Craft glue
Assorted foam shapes
Assorted ribbons
Decorative stickers

What You Do

Step 1
Place one plate on your work surface and put the dry pasta in the plate.

Step 2
Glue around the edges of the plate, covering the entire rim with glue.

Step 3
Place the second plate on top of the first and hold it in place. You can also staple the plates together for extra hold. Allow the glue to dry. (You could also try the new disposable plates that lock together.)

Step 4
Decorate the tambourine with foam shapes, ribbons, and stickers.