party games for all ages

Get the party going with these ideas for great games for kids parties.




Keep It Fun

Because the point of a party is for everyone to have fun, avoid games with obvious winners and losers. Easy ways to adapt most competitive games include: working toward a common goal (like having the whole group solve treasure hunt clues), trying to beat the clock instead of each other, trying to beat a grownup (who keeps the game exciting--then loses gracefully), making the point to be silly rather than best (like trying to pin the tail someplace funny instead of on the donkey's bottom), or playing for a surprise (such as having kids follow their own criss-crossed strings to discover which prize they get). And instead of having kids eliminated from games, have them do something silly, then join back in.

Get Creative

Many games can be adapted to fit any theme--like Duck, Duck Goose can become "Princess, Princess, Queen" or "Parrot, Parrot, Pirate" and Simon Says can be "T-Rex Says" or "Fairy Says."

Have a Plan B

Plan more activities than you need in case some are duds or simply go too quickly.

If something is working well, feel free to keep playing it and drop a different planned activity.
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