more games and activities for all ages

More games and activities for kids of all ages that can be thrown together at the last minute or spur of the moment.

Here are a few more tried-and-true games. Some of these can be thrown together at the last minute or even on the spur of the moment!

  • Obstacle course--adapt to skill level of guests and theme

  • Karaoke or group sing-alongs

  • Dancing, freeze dancing

  • Target Toss games--e.g., bean bags through a "mouth" cut out of a box; balls at pop bottles

  • Pin the ____ on the _____. Adapt to theme. Play with or without blindfolds.

  • Simon Says--adapt to theme; let all players continue playing

  • Button, Button

  • Kid-level sports, like mini-golf, bowling games, shooting hoops, croquet

  • Dress Up--provide clothes and props related to a theme. Have an adult available to snap pics.

  • Charades or skits--suggest theme-related ones

  • Relay races--adapt to theme, aim for group goals, like filling a bucket together

  • Free play on climbing structures or with other large group toys

  • Bubble play--be sure to have enough wands or blowers for all kids

  • Sand box, rice box, or water table

  • Running through sprinkler, playing with squirters
  • nick jr. video