paw patrol's curriculum

Find out about the skills your child will be learning while watching the show

Every episode of PAW Patrol focuses on community, social skills and problem-solving skills. Your child will learn important aspects of good citizenship as Ryder and the pups show them how to help those in need and respect the environment.

Watch & Learn

Social Studies: By helping, showing pride, and reusing materials, the PAW Patrol shows preschoolers how to be good citizens and members of the community.

Social Emotional: In order to successfully help the citizens of Adventure Bay, the characters must interact appropriately with others, especially in terms of teamwork, friendship and respect.

Critical Thinking: PAW Patrol follows these steps of successful problem solving in order to find solutions:

  • State the problem
  • Generate ideas for solutions
  • Implement solutions
  • Evaluate and change strategies
  • Model persistence
  • Transfer solutions to new problems
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