Pups Save Their Friends!

Watch PAW Patrol on Nick Jr.

Ages 3-6

All paws on deck! The PAW Patrol has friends in need all over Adventure Bay. Chickaletta is stuck in a crevice, and Skye’s gotta fly to her rescue. Using the up and down arrow keys, steer through the air while collecting treats. But watch out for obstacles! Then help Zuma retrieve Cap’n Turbot’s binoculars from the bottom of Adventure Bay using the left and right arrow keys. Be sure to avoid marine life and collect treats as Zuma makes his way to the bay floor. The baby turtles of Adventure Bay also need some help! Their pond has dried up and Marshall needs to collect them all to take them to water. The arrow keys will help guide Marshall through the maze to each of the turtles. With your pup’s help, no job is too big for the PAW Patrol!