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egg-citing easter games & activities for kids

Celebrate this beloved holiday with some fun and smiles for the whole family! Here are five do-together games and activities that will have your kids (and you!) hopping down the bunny trail this Easter!

Easter Egg Roll

A test of skill and agility that requires each child to navigate the course and gently roll the egg across the floor using only a spoon. They'll be scrambling to guide their egg across the finish line. Ready, Set, Roll!

Helpful Hint: Get your kids to try this game using their nose instead of a spoon, but be sure to play on a soft surface like a rug to avoid scraping little noses.

Save the Bunny!

The Easter Bunny forgot to fill one of his baskets and his reputation is on the line. Here's how your little honey bunnies can help: See how many plastic eggs they can deliver to the empty basket on the other side of the room in 20 seconds. Everyone will be cracking up as they cram their pockets, sweaters, and little hands to beat the clock and make the eggs-press delivery on time.

Helpful Hint: This Easter, why not save a Chocolate Bunny while you inspire fun and smiles? Make the ECBC (Endangered Chocolate Bunny Commission) proud by giving a toy instead. Click here for your money-saving coupon!

Easter Bunny Says

Played like Simon Says, you can join the fun and instruct your little ones by saying, "Easter Bunny says 'Hop on one foot.'" Your little bunnies will continue hopping until the Easter Bunny tells them to stop. If they stop without the Easter Bunny's instructionsÂ…they're out. Mix up commands and see who wins by a hare.

Helpful Hint: Encourage the older siblings to get involved by playing the Easter Bunny role; they will love telling their little brothers and sisters what to do.

Easter Egg Toss

All you need is an empty basket and some hollow plastic eggs containing coins or treats of your choice. Give each kid three turns to throw an egg into the basket. Successful tosses earn the prize inside. This game is all it's cracked up to be.

Helpful Hint: Set an age-appropriate distance from the basket to make it easier for the younger kids.

Art Eggs-hibit

It's an art show featuring Easter eggs. Your little egg-ceptional artists will design, draw, and color their own eggs and enter to be best in show. Each contestant will eggs-plain their creations and inspirations to the panel of judges. This year's winner is...everyone!

Helpful Hint: Your kids will feel eggs-tra special when they all win their own categories such as Most Original, Most Colorful, Most Playful, and more.
Whatever you do this Easter, don't put all your eggs in one basket...plan on having some fun and love some bunny.

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