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Help keep your household chores simple with these quick kids cleaning ideas. Follow these quick tips and your kids will help you keep the house clean.


Today's busy moms wear many hats: career woman, nurse, wife, friend, daughter, doctor, or even Wonder Woman in the eyes of their child. With so much going on, maintaining a clean household amid a hectic schedule can often be daunting. But don't lose hope! Enlist your kids for a helping hand and follow the easy steps to keep housekeeping simple.

1. Shoes Off

Don't want to clean? Don't make it dirty to begin with. If only it could be that easy. First things first: get your kids in the habit of taking off their shoes before entering the house. When you are tracking in less dirt and germs into your home, you can save your cleaning time for tackling other problem areas.

2. Set a Schedule

Whether your home is big or small, the thought of cleaning after a long day of work and taking care of kids can be overwhelming. Be realistic, set daily, weekly, and monthly schedules that are achievable for you and your kids to get your house spic-and-span in no time.

3. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Even your preschoolers can help! Get 'em while they are young. Make it a habit for your kids to put away books, toys, and crayons back to where they belong each time after use. They can even help sort mail and learn the spelling of everyone's name at the same time. When every member at home pitches in, you feel less stressed and exhausted about maintaining a clean household.

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4. Assemble a Cleaning Kit

Get a multi-pocket organizer tote from your local craft store. Fill it with your must-have cleaning products, such as paper towels, rubber gloves, and cleaning sprays, so that they can be easily carried from one room to the next. You can speed up your cleaning process when your cleaning supplies are within reach and right at your fingertips!

It's important to keep your cleaning kit and all cleaning products out of the reach of children. Also make sure to teach your kids which types of supplies are safe and which are not.

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5. Everything in Its Place

Are your kids having a hard time picking up after themselves? Get rid of their obstacles like high shelves or difficult to open containers and you may be surprised how tidy your children can be.

Designating a wicker basket or a plastic laundry hamper as a depository for the day's toys, library books, or other popular item makes it easy for kids to take a first step towards putting things away and keeps your carpets from looking like a landfill. Part of your nightly or weekly routine can be emptying the collection basket with your child and working together to put the items away neatly.

6. Presort Laundry

It may seem like a simple suggestion, but separating your whites, bright colors, dark colors, and the delicates can save a lot of time on laundry day. Plus, it's a great opportunity to teach your little ones about colors.

7. Presoak Dishes

Why spend so much time trying to scrape a baked-on mess in a pan or other sticky food soils on silverware and dishes? Put a dab of dishwasher detergent in with lukewarm water and let them soak a while before loading them into the dishwasher. You can take the extra time to relax with your kids after dinner. In the time it takes to read a story, even the most stubborn messes will be easy to rinse off.

An organized and clean home makes everyone happy and healthy. And when you and your children are working together, you won't need to sacrifice cleanliness to reclaim your sanity. You might even be able to sneak in a little me-time! Now wouldn't that be nice?
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