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Nick Jr. Birthday Party Checklist

Nick Jr. Birthday Party Checklist

Post this checklist where it's easy to see, and have kids check off the list as tasks are completed. Soon, it will be time to party!

Nick Preschool block returns, 9am-2pm weekdaysNick Preschool block returns, 9am-2pm weekdays

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    1. Bubble Guppies Letter Tracing

      What time is it? It's time to practice writing letters with Molly & Gil!

    2. Dora's ABC Connect the Dots

      Explorers can connect the dots & practice their ABCs with Dora & Boots!

    3. Umizoomi Number Matching Snacks

      Kids learn about even numbers by matching them with the Umi snacks

    4. Geo's Super Shapes Certificate

      If your preschooler's great with shapes, it's time for a prize from Geo!

    5. Umizoomi Number Matching: Toys

      Kids can count the Umi toys and match them up with numbers 6-10

    6. Milli Pattern Power Certificate

      Give preschoolers an official Milli badge for perfect pattern-making

    7. Bot's Number Power Certificate

      Reward super counting with a special badge from Bot

    8. Umizoomi Number Matching

      Develop your preschooler's mighty math powers with this umirrific printable

    9. Beyond the Backpack Toolkit

      Get ready for kindergarten together!

    10. Backyardigans Color Patterns

      Help your child master an important preschool skill

    11. Rintoo Dentist Certificate

      Let your child know how awesome he was after a visit to the dentist!

    12. Dora's Counting Book

      This 7-page color and count pack adds up to lots of fun!

    13. Little Bill Lunch Box Notes

      Nothing goes better with lunch than a love note.

    14. Get Ready for School Book

      Blue & Joe can help take the mystery out of starting school.

    15. Magenta School Cubby Frame

      Make memories magnetic with Magenta.

    16. Tickety's School Cubby Frame

      Time for school? Take Tickety, too!

    17. Dora Lunch Box Love Notes

      Let your little one know you're always thinking about her.

    18. Dora's Schoolbook Album

      Talk about an introduction! This "All About Me" book is just right for the first day of school.

    19. Dora's Number Practice Paper

      "1 - 2 - 3 - ... Practice makes perfect," says Dora.

    20. Wonder Pets School Stickers

      Save the Day with stickers.

    21. Blue's School-Time Cubby Frame

      You and Blue: Together Forever--in a frame that's magnetic and easy to make.

    22. Dora's Practice Writing Paper

      Make letters with Dora.

    23. Foofa Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child for being so brave

    24. Brobee's Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child for being brave

    25. Kai-lan Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child for her SUPER behavior

    26. Tolee Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child for her great behavior

    27. Dora Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child being fantastico

    28. Blue's Doctor Certificate

      After the visit to the doctor, reward your child for her good behavior

    29. We're Thankful Song Lyrics

      Share a song, thanks to Moose & Zee!

    30. The Ah-Choo Fact Pack

      Discover fun facts behind allergy season sneezing with The Backyardigans.

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      1. Guppies Off-to-School Checklist

        Need a packing list to make sure kids remember their school supplies? Check!

      2. Dora's Bedtime Routine Chart

        Keep bedtime on track by creating an easy-to-follow schedule together

      3. Bubble Guppies Travel Checklist

        Going on a trip? Let kids pack their own bag!

      4. Check-Up Checklist

        Ready to see the doctor? Check!

      5. Team Umizoomi Trivia Game

        Nothing is trivial when it comes to Team Umizoomi!

      6. Parents' Hotel Checklist

        Fluffy pillows? Check! Beds to jump on? Yes!

      7. Hotel Counting Game

        Count me in on this trip!

      8. Safety Printable Checklists

        Home Safe Home!

      9. Asthma Action Plan Card

        Make a plan, be prepared, and keep this handy card close by!

      10. "New Kitty" Checklist

        Get ready for the coolest cat in town--yours!

      11. Nick Jr. Guest List

        Keep track of every guest and every gift!

      12. Magenta's Eye Exam Flash Cards

        Teach your child in a flash what to expect before she visits the eye doctor.

      13. Muno's Dentist Flash Cards

        Let Muno help tell your little one what her visit to the dentist will be like.

      14. Bathtime All-Clean Checklist

        Help your kids keep all clean!

      15. Potty Training Travel Checklist

        Potty On! Even when you travel!

      16. Blue's Checkup Cards

        Before you visit the doctor, check out these fun checkup cards.

      17. New Puppy Checklist

        Every dog has its day! Are you ready for yours? Check out this checklist.

      18. Chinese New Year Cleaning List

        Cleaning the house is part of the tradition-- so make it fun!

      19. Blue's Car First-Aid Checklist

        Prepare for safe travels

      20. Car-Sickness Checklist

        Just in case, be ready!

      21. Visit the Eye Doctor Checklist

        Check out our eye doctor checklist before you take your little one to his appointment.

      22. Blue's Bedtime Routine Cards

        End bedtime battles with some help from Blue!

      23. Blue's Babysitter Checklist

        Blue's a great help to any babysitter.

      24. Brush Up with Blue

        When it's time to brush, Blue can help.

      25. Dora Toothbrushing Checklist

        Let Dora remind your child to brush those pearly whites every day.

      26. Baby-Proofing Checklist

        Simple ways to keep baby safer. Print it and post it!

      27. Asthma Daily Diary

        With the help of a doctor, this chart can help kids monitor their peak-flow meter readings.

      28. Emergency Numbers Magnet

        Stay safe with Dora.

      29. Dora's First Aid Checklist

        Be prepared with this handy checklist from Dora.

      30. Dora's Clean-Up Chart

        Help Dora the Mermaid in her quest to care for the planet.