Activity Packs

Activity Packs

Fun-filled, boredom-busting, multi-page printables

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Blue's Travel Book

Donít leave home without Blue!

Get Ready for School Book

Blue & Joe can help take the mystery out of starting school.

Pin the Paw on Blue Game

A preschool party game that's a real puppy treat!

Blue's Baseball Pack & Base

You just can't lose with Blue's baseball clues!

Count & Color With Sprinkles

Count and color cows and sows and cats that go "meow"!

Blue's Friendship Album

A homemade keepsake that will overflow with your child's friends!

Blue's Clues Scavenger Hunt

For Blue's Clues fans, it's all about the thrill of the hunt.

Family Holiday Newslet

Start a new holiday tradition! Kids can share family news with friends and loved ones.

Blue's Mix & Match Flip Book

Zippity-quick! Help Blue get dressed in a hurry!

9 Printable(s)
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