Printables for 4-5 year-olds

Printables for 4-5 year-olds

Printable activities for hours of play!

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Golden Acorn Certificate

If it's in your kids' nature to take care of planet Earth, reward them!

Check-Up Certificates

Reward little guppies for "swimming" through doctor visits!

Guppies' Costume Certificate

Award some fintastic costumes with this printable certificate!

Guppies Off-to-School Checklist

Need a packing list to make sure kids remember their school supplies? Check!

Bubble Guppies Solar Chart

Teach kids about the planets with this simple picture-matching activity

Bubble Guppies Travel Checklist

Going on a trip? Let kids pack their own bag!

First Day of School Certificate

Make it official! Recognize your little Guppy's first-day accomplishment

Guppies Fin-tastic Flyer Badge

Preschoolers can earn their very own Guppy "wings" after their first plane ride

Guppies Good Hair Day Kit

Get kids ready for a haircut with a checklist, reward card, & more!

9 Printable(s)
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