Here's the solution to those rainy-day doldrums

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Bubble Kitty Puzzle Pack

There's a new piece to the Bubble Guppies picture perfect puzzle!

The Puppy & the Ring Maze Pack

Kids join the journey through Bubbledom with the Guppies!

The Puppy and the Ring Puzzles

Fetch the scissors and our printables to make the perfect playtime do-together activity

Guppies Trunk-a-Dunk Puzzle

Jump into the game and solve this jigsaw with Gil

Guppies Ballet Bowl Puzzle

Piece this puzzle together to see Deema, Gil, and Nonny do a ballet step

Bubble Guppies Jigsaw

Piece together this puzzle to meet a friendly fly-catching pal

Bubble Guppies Placemats

Print these o-fish-al placemats for some fin-tastic mealtime fun!

Bubble Guppies Picture Puzzles

Piece together some printable fun with these swim-sational jigsaw puzzles!

Spot the Differences

Ask your kids to find out what's fishy in this Bubble Guppies printable

9 Printable(s)
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