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Count & Color Corythosaurus

Count & Color Corythosaurus

Add a dash of color to this Corythosaurus! Print, cut out, and tape or glue the poster together. Then sit down with your dino lover and color it in.

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    1. Dora's Enchanted Memory Match

      Pair up Dora and her magical friends from the Enchanted Forest!

    2. Dora Enchanted Coloring Book

      Meet Dora's magical friends in this majestic nine-page coloring pack!

    3. Dora's King Unicornio Crown

      Crown your little explorer for being kind, smart, brave, and strong like King Unicornio!

    4. Enchanted Spot the Differences

      Something is different about Dora and her friends in each of these magical rows!

    5. Dora's Stomp Song Lyrics

      Magic happens when kids sing and stomp during "Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures"!

    6. I've Got a Rule For That Lyrics

      Catch "Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures" and sing along with Owl!

    7. Dora's Enchanted Poster Pack

      Decorate these enchanting scenes with over-size stickers featuring Dora and friends!

    8. We're Thankful Song Lyrics

      Share a song, thanks to Moose & Zee!

    9. The Ah-Choo Fact Pack

      Discover fun facts behind allergy season sneezing with The Backyardigans.

    10. Kai-lan's Day-at-Home Pack

      Chase away the sick day blues with Kai-lan and friends!

    11. Halloween Party Invitation

      The tomb has come for a Halloween party!

    12. Halloween Party Thank You Note

      Long after the jack-o'-lanterns are gone, the memories live on. Say thanks with these themed note cards.

    13. Trick or Treat Door Sign

      Who's greeting your trick or treaters? Blue wants to help.

    14. Costume Certificate

      You look Spook-tacular!

    15. Halloween Riddle Word Find

      Boo! I see the word. Do you?

    16. Halloween Placemat

      Setting the table isn't so scary!

    17. Dora's Thanksgiving Tree

      Share what makes you and your kids thankful

    18. Moose Halloween Party Invite

      Trick or treat? Mummy Moose & Vampire Zee need to know about this party

    19. Moose & Zee Halloween Iron-ons

      Have a spook-tacular Halloween with Moose & Zee!

    20. Moose Halloween Party Stickers

      Deck your walls with these spook-tacular decorations featuring Moose & Zee

    21. Happy Halloween Matey Decal

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring your favorite backyard friends.

    22. Boo to You Halloween Iron-on

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring your favorite backyard friends.

    23. Backyardigans Halloween Decal

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring your favorite backyard friends.

    24. Wubb-tastic Halloween Decal

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring Wubbzy & friends.

    25. Wubbzy Happy Halloween Decal

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring Wubbzy & friends.

    26. Moose Zee Trick or Treat Decal

      Kids can go "trick or treat" with Moose & Zee.

    27. Moose & Zee Party Game

      Everything you need for a spook-tacular Halloween party game.

    28. Wubbzy Trick or Treat Iron-On

      Make a "trick or treat" bag featuring Wubbzy & friends.

    29. Moose & Zee Halloween Thank You

      Say "Fangs!" for a BOO-tiful party with notes featuring mummy Moose and vampire Zee.

    30. Moose & Zee Feather Counting

      Your kids will gobble up this Feather Counting activity from Moose & Zee!

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      1. Dora Enchanted Coloring Book

        Meet Dora's magical friends in this majestic nine-page coloring pack!

      2. Peppa Pig Coloring Book

        Entertain Peppa Pig fans with 5 pages of colorful fun!

      3. Shout's Giant Pumpkin Mask

        Kids can bring the best pumpkin to their Octoberfest, like the Fresh Beats!

      4. Fresh Beat Party Placemats

        Printable placemats featuring the fab four of preschool pop

      5. Bot's Count & Color 1-10 Book

        Kids can practice counting and tracing numbers on Bot's Belly, Belly, Bellyscreen

      6. Kai-lan's Monkey King Coloring

        Get six pages of coloring fun with Kai-lan & pals

      7. Dora's ABC Connect the Dots

        Explorers can connect the dots & practice their ABCs with Dora & Boots!

      8. Milli's Color by Number Poster

        This colorable poster adds up to a ton of fun!

      9. Geo's Color by Number Poster

        A supersized coloring activity made just for super Umi fans!

      10. Bot's Color by Number Poster

        Numbers are everywhere! Kids follow the number key to make Bot come to life

      11. Geo's Compare & Color Activity

        Preschoolers learn to compare shapes & sizes with Geo's help!

      12. Dino Dan Coloring Pack

        A seven-page printable for dino fans with gigantic imaginations

      13. Draw Dora's Friends

        Budding artists can complete and color Boots, Backpack, the Map and more!

      14. Bubble Guppies Favorite Colors

        Print the pack and let your child discover color mixing with the guppy gang

      15. Guppies Connect the Dots

        Dive in and get 4 pages of counting & coloring fun for your Little Guppy!

      16. Dino Dan's Colorable Poster

        Coloring fun that never goes extinct! Just print, assemble & color

      17. Umizoomi Trace & Color Pack

        Kids can trace, draw, count & color this umirrific shapes activity pack

      18. Dora Summertime Coloring Pack

        Here's five fun-filled coloring pages for your seaside explorer!

      19. Fresh Beat Band Coloring Pages

        Print this five-page pack of kickin' coloring activities for your Fresh Beat fan

      20. Max & Ruby Coloring Pack

        Here's 5 pages of colorful playtime fun with your favorite bunnies!

      21. Max & Ruby Trace & Color Pack

        Your little bunny can practice tracing with this spring-themed activity pack!

      22. How to Draw Dora & Boots

        Kids play portrait artist with our step-by-step guide to drawing Dora & Boots

      23. Draw Wubbzy

        You can do it! Draw Wubbzy on your own!

      24. Max Coloring Page

        You print it. Your kids do the rest!

      25. Ruby Coloring Page

        Ruby's a colorful character. Help her prove it.

      26. T. Rex Colorable Poster

        Assemble the pages and color by number for some colossal fun!

      27. Dora Dance Coloring Pack

        Little ballerinas will love this simple 5-page pack featuring Dora and friends

      28. Moosterpiece Coloring Pack

        Kids learn about different styles of art by coloring with Moose!

      29. Bubble Guppies Coloring Book

        Color in Molly, Gil, Bubble Puppy, and the rest of the Guppy gang!

      30. Dora Fill-in-the-Picture Story

        Little storytellers can help Dora finish the story by filling in a picture!