Alana's Kickin' Calendar

Alana's Kickin' Calendar

Don't forget the date of sports games and practices with the help of Alana and this colorful calendar!

A brand-new series coming to Nick this AugustA brand-new series coming to Nick this August

  1. More Dora and Friends
    1. Dora Coloring Page

      Go on a coloring adventure with Dora!

    2. Emma's Music Maze

      Hit a high note by helping Dora and her friends through the maze to Emma!

    3. Dora's Big Buddy Race Book

      Print or download this easy-to-read book!

    4. Kate Coloring Page

      You can color in Kate!

    5. Meet Pablo Book

      Print or download this easy-to-ready book!

    6. Meet Naiya Book

      Print or download this easy-to-read book!

    7. Emma Stationery

      Print and help kids write a note to their friends

    8. Alana Stationery

      Print and help kids write a note to their friends

    9. Dora Crossword Puzzle

      Parents and preschoolers can have fun solving this puzzle together!

    10. Dora Stationery

      Print and help kids write a note to their friends

    11. Kate Printable E-Book

      Meet Kate by going on an adventure with her and Dora!

    12. Kate Stationery

      Print and help kids write a note to their friends

    13. Alana Coloring Page

      Get coloring with Alana!

    14. Meet Alana Book

      Help Alana and her team on a mighty mission!

    15. Pablo Coloring Page

      Print out and play on this sporty coloring page

    16. Emma E-Book

      Print or download this easy-to-read book!

    17. Naiya Stationery

      Print and help kids write a note to their friends

    18. Kate's Bookmark

      Print, cut, and glue to create this beautiful bookmark!

    19. Naiya Coloring Page

      Color and learn more about Dora's friend, Naiya!

    20. Naiya's Hidden Picture

      Go stargazing with Naiya to reveal a message hidden in the sky!

    21. Emma Coloring Page

      Tune up your coloring skills with Emma!

    1. More Activity Packs
      1. Nick Jr. Summer Break Fun Pack

        Make a splash with your Nick Jr. fan by printing this summer break activity pack!

      2. Bubble Guppies Passport

        Kids can add favorite trip pictures and memories to this "o-fish-al" scrapbook

      3. Umizoomi Underwater Poster Pack

        Dive in for counting, matching, and sticker fun with the Blue Mermaid

      4. Wonder Pets 4th of July Pack

        Color and count the stars and stripes in this patriotic pack!

      5. Beyond the Backpack Toolkit

        Get ready for kindergarten together!

      6. PAW Patrol Sticker Scenes

        Send your pup on a mission to put each sticker in its place!

      7. Guppies Aquarium Passport

        Taking a trip to the aquarium? Don't forget your passport!

      8. Bedtime with Bubble Puppy Pack

        Help Bubble Puppy get ready for bedtime with this activity pack!

      9. PAW Patrol Coloring Pack

        Take our pup quiz with your preschooler as they color in each PAW Patrol member!

      10. Wallykazam Spring Activity Pack

        Get wordy with Wally's spring activity pack!

      11. Springtime Activity Pack

        Get seven printable pages of spring-themed fun featuring Nick Jr. friends

      12. Dora Connect the Dots

        Connect and color with Dora and her friends from Wonderland!

      13. Nick Jr. Hidden Picture Pack

        Cozy-up with your kids and search for the hidden items in these snowy scenes!

      14. Winter Sports Coloring Pack

        Kids can hit the slopes with Dora & Diego in this 5-page printable coloring pack

      15. PAW Patrol Fall Connect the Dot

        Kids connect from 1 to 10 to learn more about their PAW Patrol friends!

      16. PAW Patrol Fall Maze Pack

        Print and bring along on your next apple or pumpkin-picking trip

      17. Julius Jr. Activity Pack

        Get to know Julius Jr. and his fun-loving friends with this 7-page pack

      18. Julius Jr. Puzzle Pack

        Make a jumble of jigsaws with your Julius Jr. fan

      19. PAW Patrol Pet Care Chore Chart

        Keep your pets happy and healthy with this printable chore chart

      20. PAW Patrol Maze Pack

        Help each PAW Patrol pup get back to their sweet rides!

      21. Milli's Pattern Power Pack

        Perfect pattern power is just a print away!

      22. Guppies Good Hair Day Kit

        Get kids ready for a haircut with a checklist, reward card, & more!

      23. Guppies Connect the Dots

        Connect and color with the Guppies at the hair salon!

      24. Umi Snowy Sports Coloring Pack

        Print this pack and let your kids add color to the Team's snowy shenanigans

      25. Dora Rocks Activity Pack

        Color, count, and move to the music with Dora

      26. Geo's Pumpkin Shapes Pack

        Help Geo get these pumpkins in "shape" for Halloween!

      27. Autumn Activity Pack

        Warm up to fall with these cool Nick Jr. printable activities

      28. Team Umizoomi Space Pack

        Print 5 pages of stellar activities for your space explorer

      29. Dora & Diego Good Sports Pack

        Kids can pick up some sporty new words while they color

      30. Umi Sports Activity Pack

        Come join these mighty mathletes in this sports themed activity pack!