Emma's Music Maze

Emma's Music Maze

Help Dora and her friends make it to Emma's recital by following the musical notes that will lead them through this maze!

A brand-new series coming to Nick this AugustA brand-new series coming to Nick this August

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    2. Dora's Big Buddy Race Book

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    6. Emma Stationery

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    9. Dora Stationery

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    11. Kate Stationery

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    14. Alana's Kickin' Calendar

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    17. Naiya Stationery

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    19. Naiya Coloring Page

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    1. More Mazes
      1. Team Umizoomi Seal Pup Maze

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      2. Umizoomi Baby Seahorses Maze

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      3. Umizoomi Baby Sea Turtle Maze

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      4. Dora Soccer Colorable Maze Pack

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      5. Bubble Guppies Easter Egg Maze

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      6. Zack Spot the Differences

        Pop up those precise peepers and find the key differences

      7. Pop-Up Spot the Differences

        Zack and friends are slightly different. Can you spot them?

      8. Clubouse Spot the Differences

        Can your little one spot the differences?

      9. Zack & Quack Maze

        Help Zack through the maze so he can find his best friend, Zack

      10. Backyard Spot the Differences

        It's time to compare and contrast. Can your little one find all the differences

      11. Wallykazam! Alphabet Maze

        Letter learners will need to know their ABC's to help Wally out of this maze!

      12. Wally's Alphabet Trail

        You're little learner can get to the end of this trail with letters and the help of Wally & his friends!

      13. Clancy Basketball Maze

        Clancy is jumping through hoops to get to Clancy

      14. PAW Patrol Pups on Ice Maze

        Ryder's to the rescue but he needs help from your PAW Patrol fan!

      15. PAW Patrol Pup Pup Boogie Maze

        Chase and Rubble need your kids' help on the double!

      16. Ping's Winter Maze

        You and your child can be an a-maze-ing help to Ping!

      17. Umi Fall Maze

        Kids lead Team Umizoomi to their special forest friends

      18. Dora Ice Skating Maze

        Kids help Dora & Boots skate through this maze to make it to Snowflake Lake

      19. PAW Patrol Rescue Maze

        Zuma and Skye need help saving a stranded kitty!

      20. PAW Patrol Fall Maze Pack

        Print and bring along on your next apple or pumpkin-picking trip

      21. Crumbs Sugar Cookie Maze

        Here's a delicious idea! Guide Crumbs through the maze to see what she's baking

      22. Julius Jr. Halloween Maze

        Julius Jr. tries to find an out of the box solution to get to the treats

      23. Dora's Roller Skate Maze

        Help Dora and Boots get through the maze to meet their friends at Skate Park

      24. Umi Grand Prix Maze Pack

        Kids can take the lead when they follow the flags to the finish line!

      25. Julius Jr. Activity Pack

        Get to know Julius Jr. and his fun-loving friends with this 7-page pack

      26. Dora Summer Maze

        Boots is waiting for Dora at the beach! Follow Map's directions to get her there

      27. PAW Patrol Maze Pack

        Help each PAW Patrol pup get back to their sweet rides!

      28. Peter Rabbit Summer Maze

        Peter is lost at the beach! Help him hop his way through the sand and get back to his friends Benjamin and Lily for some fun in the sun

      29. Peter's Mother's Day Maze

        Draw a path from 1 to 25 to help Peter make his special delivery

      30. Umi on the Farm Shape Maze

        These cows need super shape help to find their way to the barn!