Printables for 3-4 year-olds

Printables for 3-4 year-olds

Find the perfect printable for your preschooler

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Dora's Help & Share Awards

Reward little helpers for helping, sharing, and being kind to others

Dora's Costume Certificate

Present your costumed kids with an award from Dora at your Halloween party!

Dora Packing Checklist

Toothbrush? Check. T-shirt? Check. Here's a travel list to make packing a little bit easier

Dora's Royal Reading Maze

Turn a reading progress chart into a royally great game for Dora fans

Dora's Bedtime Routine Chart

Keep bedtime on track by creating an easy-to-follow schedule together

Dora's Clean-Up Chart

Help Dora the Mermaid in her quest to care for the planet.

Dental Checkup Certificate

Print and post after your little one's next dental checkup.

Dora Toothbrushing Checklist

Let Dora remind your child to brush those pearly whites every day.

Brother & Sister Certificates

Mark the arrival of a new sibling or just make your preschooler feel extra special with an official Dora certificate.

9 Printable(s)
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