Dora's Table Setting Placemat

Dora's Table Setting Placemat

After printing the placemat, kids place their own plates, spoons, etc. on top of hers, which are labeled with simple Spanish words.

Dora's Father's Day special, 6/15 @ 9:30am on NICKDora's Father's Day special, 6/15 @ 9:30am on NICK

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    2. Dora's Father's Day Card

      Make this colorable card and present it to Papi!

    3. Dora's Father's Day Album

      Create an album full of your child's drawings and pictures for Dad

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    16. Dora Mermaid Necklace

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    19. Dora's Help & Share Awards

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    20. Swiper's Good Deed Tree

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    28. Letter to Santa

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    30. Dora's Christmas Placemat

      Leave cookies and milk for Santa on this printable coloring page.

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      1. Wubbzy Car Bingo

        The best game to play when you are on the go. Just say, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Bingo!

      2. Guppies at Work Picture Riddles

        Color the picture that finishes each rhyme to help the guppies get the job done in no time!

      3. Dora Spring Coloring Pack

        Dora and Boots are out and about seeing baby birds, playing baseball, and more!

      4. Dora's Supermarket Bingo

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      9. Say It 2 Ways: Food & Festivals

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      10. Say It Two Ways Cards: Emotions

        Learn how to express emotions in Chinese

      11. Say It Two Ways Cards: Family

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      12. Say It 2 Ways: Clothing & Gear

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      15. Say It Two Ways: Food

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      16. Say It Two Ways Cards - Family

        It's fun to play when you and your kids can say it two ways!

      17. Say It Two Ways: Animals

        Let these cards lend a hand, a paw, or a claw as your kids learn Spanish!

      18. Say It Two Ways: Vehicles

        It's fun to play when you and your kids can say it two ways!

      19. Say It Two Ways: Play Time

        It's fun to play when you and your kids can say it two ways!

      20. Say It Two Ways: Nature

        It's fun to play when you and your kids can say it two ways!

      21. Mandarin Chinese Counting Cards

        Learn to count to 10 in Mandarin Chinese and English with Kai-lan!

      22. Dora's Greetings Flash Cards

        Say it just like Dora, in English and in Spanish!

      23. Diego & Tuga's Riddle Book

        Solve the riddles and help Diego & Tuga rescue the moon!

      24. Diego's Car Bingo

        Play and learn with Diego and the ride will fly by!

      25. Yo Gabba Gabba! Car Bingo

        Bingo! That's the response you'll get from your kids with this car game.

      26. Say It Two Ways Coloring Pack

        Hello. Hola! Say it two ways--and say it in color--with this coloring pack.

      27. Dora's Fairytale Fiesta Pack

        A fairytale fiesta? Fabulous! Conjure up some magical moments

      28. Pirate Adventure Book

        Who knows what treasures await! Help Dora, Diego, and Boots find out!

      29. Maestra de Musica Coloring Page

        Color & sing "Las llantas on the bus go round and round"

      30. Diego "Rapido" Song Lyrics

        Rapido! Rapido! Diego says it, but what does it mean? Sing along to find out.