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Kai-lan's Lantern Party Stickers

Kai-lan's Lantern Party Stickers

Print the stickers on sticker paper from an office-supply store or craft store. Use them to dress up goody bags, cups, napkins, or other party decorations.

New Year marathon, 1/23, 5-7pm ET on Nick Jr.New Year marathon, 1/23, 5-7pm ET on Nick Jr.

  1. More Ni Hao, Kai-lan
    1. Zodiac Dragon Door Hanger

      Here's a fun way to welcome your guests during the year of the dragon!

    2. Kai-lan Rhyme Time

      Practice rhyming with Kai-lan and her friends!

    3. Kai-lan Holiday Gift Wrap Pack

      Deliver a "super" holiday cheer from Kai-lan!

    4. Kai-lan Tree Ornaments

      Spread the holiday cheer with decorative tree ornaments from Kai-lan.

    5. Kai-lan's Monkey King Coloring

      Get six pages of coloring fun with Kai-lan & pals

    6. Year of the Rabbit Calendar

      Kai-lan fans will hop at the chance to hang up this calendar!

    7. Zodiac Rabbit Door Hanger

      Hare's a fun way to welcome your guests during the year of the rabbit!

    8. Kai-lan Halloween Door Hangers

      Ni-Hao! And Happy Halloween, trick-or-treaters!

    9. Kai-lan Halloween Treat Toppers

      Top off Halloween treats with Kai-lan & friends in their costumes!

    10. Kai-lan Halloween Stickers

      Perfect for collecting, decorating, and handing out to trick-or-treaters

    11. Kai-lan Friendship Cards

      Make a special someone super happy with a friendly note

    12. Princess Kai-lan Memory Match

      Pair up all the "Princess Kai-lan" characters in their fancy costumes

    13. Kai-lan Friendship Certificates

      Turn your preschooler into an ambassador of friendship just like Kai-lan!

    14. Monkey King Mask

      Dress up as Kai-lan's favorite superhero!

    15. Kai-lan Treat Sack Iron-On's Kai-lan & friends!

    16. Rintoo's Emotions Poster

      Sad, mad, or glad--your child can figure out feelings with Rintoo

    17. Rintoo's Emotions Flash Cards

      Feelings can be tricky for preschoolers. These flash cards can help!

    18. Kai-lan's Snowflake Matching

      Can you find all the snowflakes that look like Kai-lan's?

    19. Say It Two Ways Cards: Animals

      Learn how to name different animals in Chinese

    20. Say It Two Ways Words & Phrases

      Learn helpful words and phrases in Chinese

    21. Say It 2 Ways: Food & Festivals

      Learn how to name different foods and festivals in Chinese

    22. Say It Two Ways Cards: Emotions

      Learn how to express emotions in Chinese

    23. Say It Two Ways Cards: Family

      Learn how to name your family members in Chinese

    24. Say It 2 Ways: Clothing & Gear

      Learn how to name clothing and gear in Chinese

    25. Say It Two Ways Cards: Colors

      Learn how to say different colors in Chinese

    26. Say It 2 Ways Cards: Greetings

      Learn how to send greetings in Mandarin Chinese!

    27. Rintoo Dentist Certificate

      Let your child know how awesome he was after a visit to the dentist!

    28. Great Trip to China Passport

      So many super sights to discover with Kai-lan!

    29. Kai-lan's Chinese Mask

      Double-sided dramatics to turn around any frown!

    30. Kai-lan's Counting Adventure

      Kai-lan and her friends make numbers as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. More Stickers & Iron-Ons
      1. Bubble Guppies Stickers

        Don't just stick to sweets as a Halloween handout, print these!

      2. Guppies Birthday Stickers

        Decorative party stickers for invites, gifts, & goody bags

      3. Dinosaur Wall Stickers

        Add a touch of dino decor to your kids' bedroom

      4. Milli Birthday Stickers

        Brighten up invites, gifts, and goody bags

      5. Umizoomi Underwater Poster Pack

        Dive in for counting, matching, and sticker fun with the Blue Mermaid

      6. Fresh Beat Wall Stickers

        Freshen up those bedroom walls with these stylin' stickers!

      7. Instrument Case Stickers

        Customize kids' cases with these stylin' stickers

      8. Max & Ruby Stickers

        If your kids are stuck on Max & Ruby, print this page!

      9. Dora Valentine Labels

        Personalize Valentine cards and gifts with a Dora sticker

      10. Bubble Guppies Wall Stickers

        Give your kid's bedroom an instant Guppy makeover!

      11. Bubble Guppies Sticker Play Set

        Who doesn't love stickers? But kids will REALLY love creating their own watery world scene

      12. Umizoomi Halloween Stickers

        2, 4, 6, 8...everybody decorate!

      13. Jack's Concert T-Shirt Iron-Ons

        Make a super souvenir your kids can wear!

      14. Chinese New Year Greetings

        Decorative stickers that help you wish people all the best things in Chinese!

      15. UmiCar Iron-On

        Umizoomi! The UmiCar is zooming onto a T-shirt!

      16. UmiCar Iron-On Reversed

        Umizoomi! The UmiCar is zooming onto a T-shirt!

      17. Team Umizoomi Stickers

        A tiny team your child can stick anywhere!

      18. Team Umizoomi Iron-On

        Mighty math powers? You've got them!

      19. Milli Iron-On Reversed

        Put Your Pattern Power on Display!

      20. Geo Iron-On Reversed

        Show off Geo's super shapes on your shirt

      21. Bot Iron-On Reversed

        Feel a celebration coming on? Make a T-shirt with everyone's best robot friend!

      22. Geo Iron-On

        Show off Geo's super shapes on your shirt

      23. Bot Iron-On

        Feel a celebration coming on? Make a T-shirt with everyone's best robot friend!

      24. Milli Iron-On

        Put Your Pattern Power on Display!

      25. Big Sister Dora Iron-on Decal

        Your little one can share the pride of being a big sister with Dora!

      26. Big Sister Dora Iron-on Reverse

        Your little one can share the pride of being a big sister with Dora!

      27. Diego Arctic Rescue Badges

        Help save the baby polar bears! Make your preschooler's next rescue mission with Diego official

      28. Fresh Beat Band Stickers

        Sticky stuck. Just like glue. We'll always stick with you!

      29. Diego Goody Bag Printable

        Print two copies of Diego's face then use them to make a Diego Goody Bag.

      30. Costume Box Decoration Stickers

        Decorate your own "Master of Disguise" costume box.