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Passover: Frog Plague Mask

Passover: Frog Plague Mask

Make frog plague masks for all the kids at your Seder celebration! Just cut along the dotted line, make holes for the eyes, and either attach the mask with a glue stick to a craft stick, or make holes in the sides of the mask to tie a ribbon to.

Nick TV schedule is 7-10am weeks of Apr. 18 & 25Nick TV schedule is 7-10am weeks of Apr. 18 & 25

  1. More Printables
    1. Golden Acorn Certificate

      If it's in your kids' nature to take care of planet Earth, reward them!

    2. Diego Light Switch Covers

      Remind kids to power down with this decorative Diego printable

    3. Diego's Endangered Iron-Ons

      Sport these designs on a t-shirt or backpack and help Diego spread the word about endangered animals.

    4. Dora's Clean-Up Sticker

      Teach kids to conserve and recycle with these stickers

    5. Dora's Eco-Friendly Postcards

      A special-delivery, go-green message from Dora!

    6. Backyardigans Garden Tags

      Get your garden growing with Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha

    7. Max & Ruby Garden Tags

      Your kids can "go green" with their own printable garden tags

    8. Clean-Up Stickers

      Dora is on a mermaid mission! Print these stickers and help her go green!

    9. Dora Mermaid Photo Frame

      Who's that in the picture with you?

    10. Dora Mermaid Song Lyrics

      Sing along with Dora!

    11. Dora's Clean-Up Chart

      Help Dora the Mermaid in her quest to care for the planet.

    12. Wonder Pets Egg-Carton Stickers

      Create a planter from an egg carton then decorate it with the Wonder Pets!

    13. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

      Happy Mother's Day from Team Umizoomi

    14. You're #1 Mom!

      Happy Mother's Day from Team Umizoomi

    15. You're an Umiriffic Mom!

      Happy Mother's Day from Team Umizoomi

    16. Mother's Day Coupon Book

      Make Moms feel super special with these 'redeemable' coupons!

    17. Mother's Day Photo Frames

      Create a crafty keepsake for Mom.

    18. Dora's Mother's Day Album

      Create a picture-perfect present for Mom

    19. Wonder Pets Mom Day Photo Frame

      Save the day--Mom's Day, that is!

    20. Blue's Hug Certificate

      This hug is just for you, Mom!

    21. Dora's "Gracias Mami" Card

      Melt Mami's heart with a handmade card.

    22. Little Bill Quiet Coupon

      Your little one can give the same gift to his or her Mommy as Little Bill gave to his.

    23. Umizoomi Egg Hunt Certificate

      Collect, count, and congratulate your child with this Umi-riffic award!

    24. Max & Ruby Trace & Color Pack

      Your little bunny can practice tracing with this spring-themed activity pack!

    25. Yo Gabba Gabba Egg Holders

      Easter eggs are safe with the Yo Gabba Gabba! crew

    26. Wubbzy's Egg Hunt Printable

      Color and count from 1 to 10 to find all the hidden eggs in Wuzzleburg

    27. Dora's Egg Decorating Pack

      Create fancy spring eggs with this pack of printable designs and stickers

    28. Dora's Egg Hunt Certificate

      Egg on the kids with a "You Did It!" certificate.

    29. Max & Ruby Easter Coloring Page

      Hunt for fun this Easter with your favorite bunny pals

    30. Max & Ruby Egg Holders

      Out of the fridge and onto the craft table.

    1. More Passover
      1. Swiper Chametz Activity Page

        Spot the Chametz and help Swiper swipe it right out the house this Passover!

      2. "I Found the Afikomen" Award

        Present your stupendous Seder searchers with an awesome certificate from Moose

      3. The 4 Questions

        Teach the 4 questions to kids before the Seder dinner

      4. Matzoh Cookbook

        4 ways to cook Matzoh with your kids!