Peter Rabbit Holiday Coloring Pack

Peter Rabbit Holiday Coloring Pack

Peter and his pals are handing out presents for Christmas! Break out the crayons and have kids add some color to these wintry scenes.

Look for the series premieres, 2/19-2/27 on NickLook for the series premieres, 2/19-2/27 on Nick

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    1. Peter Rabbit Coloring Pack

      Get out the crayons and get to know Peter and his friends!

    2. Peter Rabbit Christmas Puzzle

      Don't be puzzled. This present is ready for you!

    3. Peter Rabbit Holiday Card

      Send friends a seasonal greeting from Peter!

    4. Benjamin T-Shirt Iron On

      You don't have to be brave as this bunny to make this simple t-shirt!

    5. Lily Iron On

      Make a Lily tee with this decal--it's easy!

    6. Peter Rabbit Stickers

      "Stick" with Peter & friends to decorate gifts, cards, & pictures.

    7. Peter Rabbit Iron On

      Make your own Peter tee with this printable decal--it's easy!

    8. Peter Rabbit Luggage Tags

      Getting ready for a big adventure? Label your child's backpack or bag with these sweet tags!

    9. Peter Rabbit Holiday Garland

      Deck the halls or trim your trees with this cute cut-and-connect paper garland

    10. Peter Rabbit Finger Puppets

      Adventure is right at your child's fingertips with these printable puppets!

    11. Peter Rabbit Maze

      Show Peter the way back to his family and pick up some delicious radishes along the way!

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