Printables for 3-4 year-olds

Printables for 3-4 year-olds

Find the perfect printable for your preschooler

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Hallowen Costume UmiAward

Umirrific Halloween costumes deserve this Umi-Award!

Geo's Color by Number Poster

A supersized coloring activity made just for super Umi fans!

Milli's Color by Number Poster

Follow the number key to color in Milli's pink pattern power dress!

Geo's Super Shapes Certificate

If your preschooler's great with shapes, it's time for a prize from Geo!

Milli Pattern Power Certificate

Give preschoolers an official Milli badge for perfect pattern-making

Bot's Number Power Certificate

Reward super counting with a special badge from Bot

Umizoomi Underwater Poster Pack

Dive in for counting, matching, and sticker fun with the Blue Mermaid

Team Umizoomi Milli Poster

Brighten up your preschooler's bedroom with some Pattern Power!

Milli's Mighty Measuring Chart

Milli measures! And so can you.

9 Printable(s)
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