Here's the solution to those rainy-day doldrums

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Umi Fall Maze

Kids lead Team Umizoomi to their special forest friends

Umi Grand Prix Maze Pack

Kids can take the lead when they follow the flags to the finish line!

Umi on the Farm Shape Maze

These cows need super shape help to find their way to the barn!

Team Umizoomi Spring Maze

Kids' pattern powers point the way across the pond

Team Umizoomi Party Placemats

Get out the crayons and gather the UmiFriends for this super party activity!

Team Umizoomi Maze Pack

Kids can use their mighty math skills to solve four puzzling mazes

Team Umizoomi Seal Pup Maze

Have your kids connect the starfish to get through the maze and save the seal pup!

Umizoomi Baby Seahorses Maze

Calling all maze-solvers! The Team needs your child's help to reunite the seahorses

Umizoomi Baby Sea Turtle Maze

Kids can count their way through this maze to get the sea turtle back home

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