Legend of the Blue Puppy Coloring Book

Legend of the Blue Puppy Coloring Book

How did Blue find out about the special room? After printing this book, use Blue's Legend and help kids answer the questions about themselves on each page.

Watch Blue's Clues every day on Nick Jr.Watch Blue's Clues every day on Nick Jr.

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    1. Blue's Hug Certificate

      This hug is just for you, Mom!

    2. Blue's ABC's

      Kids can read and rhyme during alphabet time with Blue!

    3. Blue's Clues Printable Book

      Here's a handy dandy book for your Blue's Clues fan!

    4. Blue Around the Town Coloring

      Read and color with Blue and her friends as they travel all over town

    5. Pin the Paw on Blue Game

      A preschool party game that's a real puppy treat!

    6. Blue's Baseball Pack & Base

      You just can't lose with Blue's baseball clues!

    7. Blue's Bug Safari Stickers

      Print, cut out, and hide these bugs for an easy game of <a href="blues_bug_safari.jhtml"><U>Blue's Bug Safari</U></a>.

    8. Blue's Room Sudoku Puzzle Pack

      Just-for-kids sudoku puzzle pack featuring Fredricka, Sprinkles, and Blue. Simply print the pack, cut out the game pieces, and play!

    9. Blue's Potty Reward Cards

      A little training motivation!

    10. Blue Egg Holders

      Celebrate Easter with Blue and the rest of the crew!

    11. July 4th Party Thank You Note

      Show your appreciation after a perfect celebration!

    12. July 4th Party Invitation

      Will you come to our red, white, and BLUE party?

    13. Blue's Parents Medical Notebook

      Keep track of your child's medical past and present with this handy notebook.

    14. Magenta's Eye Exam Flash Cards

      Teach your child in a flash what to expect before she visits the eye doctor.

    15. Blue on Her Trike Coloring Page

      Go 'tri-cycling' with Blue!

    16. July 4th Party Star Name Badge

      These gifts will be the stars of your party

    17. Blue's Checkup Cards

      Before you visit the doctor, check out these fun checkup cards.

    18. Blue's Holiday Connect the Dots

      Follow the numbers, connect the dots, and give Blue a proper holiday topper!

    19. Blue's Leaf Rubbing Frame

      Display your child's leaf rubbings for the whole family to enjoy!

    20. Baseball Party Thank You

      Hit one out of the park with these thank you cards

    21. Blue's Car First-Aid Checklist

      Prepare for safe travels

    22. Blue's Potty Time Coloring Page

      Begin the day the Blue potty way!

    23. Blue's Animal Cards

      Send kids on an animal adventure with Blue. All it takes is these cards

    24. Baseball Party Invite

      Batter up. Cake batter, that is. So invite all your child's friends

    25. Blue's Clues Height Chart

      My, how you've grown!

    26. Visit the Eye Doctor Checklist

      Check out our eye doctor checklist before you take your little one to his appointment.

    27. Blue's Mother's Day Pop-Up Card

      Happy Mother's Day from Blue and Joe!

    28. Blue's Travel Book

      Donít leave home without Blue!

    29. Blue's Bedtime Routine Cards

      End bedtime battles with some help from Blue!

    30. Blue's ABC-Puppy Printable

      Has anyone seen my alphabet?

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