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Backyardigans Tower of Power Story

Backyardigans Tower of Power Story

Kids can super-charge their own Backyardigans superhero adventure story. Just fill in the blanks for them to create their own towering adventure.

Watch The Backyardigans every day on Nick Jr.Watch The Backyardigans every day on Nick Jr.

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    1. Backyardigans Printable Book

      Princess Tasha is in for a sweet-sounding surprise when she settles down for her royal nap!

    2. Exploring We Go Printable Book

      Will the Backyardigans discover a place that no one's ever been before? Print your kids a copy to find out!

    3. Backyardigans Gift Wrap & Tags

      We've got you covered for the holidays with exclusive gift wrap and tags!

    4. Backyardigans Color Patterns

      Help your child master an important preschool skill

    5. Backyardigans Rewards Chart

      Celebrate tiny triumphs daily with the Backyardigans!

    6. The Backyardigans Yeti Maze

      Find a way through the maze, but watch your step!

    7. Costume Box Decoration Stickers

      Decorate your own "Master of Disguise" costume box.

    8. Backyardigans Puzzle Pack

      Picture this! Print a puzzle pack full of Backyardigans jigsaw fun.

    9. Backyardigans Hula Hoop Puzzle

      It's a 2-sided jigsaw puzzle starring your kid's backyard friends.

    10. Backyardigans Flowers Puzzle

      Concentrate! Mix and match the puzzle pieces and watch your young flowers grow

    11. Backyardigans Party Nametags

      Get the party started with your backyard friends.

    12. The Ah-Choo Fact Pack

      Discover fun facts behind allergy season sneezing with The Backyardigans.

    13. Backyardigans Savings Chart

      Reach for the stars with the Backyardigans

    14. Backyardigans Egg holders

      Spotlight your Easter eggs with these egg-cellent Backyardigans stands!

    15. Pin the Glasses on Pablo

      For some unique party fun and a change of pace, try this Backyardigans-flavored version of a childhood classic.

    16. "Glasses Are Great" Stickers

      Wearing glasses should be no problem. Let them know how cool they are with these stickers.

    17. Backyardigans Fortune Teller

      Uniqua, Pablo and the gang predict exciting adventures for your backyard creatures

    18. "Cool Eyeglasses" Certificate

      Certify that your glasses-wearing child is the coolest.

    19. Pin the Glasses on Uniqua

      Try this alternate version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, with a unique Backyardigans twist.

    20. Robin Hood the Clean Pack

      Packed with activities and good clean fun!

    21. Backyardigans Bathtub Clings

      Clings that help your kids keep clean!

    22. Backyardigans Bathtime Pledge

      Print the pledge and promise to keep clean!

    23. Backyardigans Exercise Cards

      Work it out with your favorite backyard friends!

    24. Backyardigans Pyramid Game

      Color and play among the pyramids!

    25. Sledding Party Invitation

      Come on out and go, go, go in the snow!

    26. Sledding Party Thank You Note

      Send out thanks after a great snow day play date!

    27. Pablo's Thanksgiving Frame

      Frame up your family for Thanksgiving!

    28. Backyardigans' Stickers

      Add to the Thanksgiving entertainment with these fun-filled stickers

    29. Car Safety Height Chart

      Make sure your preschooler is riding in style--safely--with this handy chart featuring backyard friends

    30. Backyardigans Tea Party Note

      The tea party's over, so what comes next? Thank you notes, perhaps?

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