Wubbzy's Hanukkah Menorah

Wubbzy's Hanukkah Menorah

Wow! Here's a safe way to light each night of Hanukkah.

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  1. More Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
    1. Wubbzy Holiday Photo Frame

      Keep memories close at hand with this Wubbzy holiday photo frame.

    2. Draw Wubbzy

      You can do it! Draw Wubbzy on your own!

    3. Wubbzy Book Plates

      Kids will go 'Wow!' for Wubbzy's book plates! Print, personalize & stick them in fave books!

    4. Wubbzy's Egg Hunt Printable

      Color and count from 1 to 10 to find all the hidden eggs in Wuzzleburg

    5. Wubbzy Valentine's Day Card

      Make a card that will make them say "Wow, wow!"

    6. Wubbzy Straw Toppers

      Wow your kids with a silly Wubbzy straw!

    7. Wubbzy! Picture Puzzles

      Choose one of these picture puzzles and follow the instructions on the bottom of the page to create a jigsaw puzzle for your Wubbzy fan.

    8. Wubbzy's Reversible Puzzles

      It's Wubbzy on one side and Walden on the other! Wow, wow everybody!

    9. Wubbzy's Garden Stickers

      Your child can help decorate for a garden party or adorn cards, notebooks, and gifts.

    10. Wubbzy Tic-Tac-Toe

      Wow! Wow! Stickers make this game Wubb-tastic!

    11. Wubbzy's Garden Party Invite

      Invite your child's friends to a garden party with this simple print and fold card.

    12. Garden Party Sign Tags

      Name that flower. Cut out these tags, attach to craft sticks with strong, waterproof packing tape, and label with a waterproof pen. Laminate for extra durability.

    13. Garden Party Thank You's

      Every good party ends with a thank you. Help your child fill out each guest's name, then slip these colorful cards into goody bags before the party.

    14. Garden Party Bag Label

      Print these labels on clear sticker paper to identify guests' garden-themed goody bags.

    15. Wubbzy Sudoku Puzzle Pack

      Your little puzzler will love these brain teasers based on the grown-up version.

    16. Wubb Girlz Concert Poster

      Bring home a souvenir from the Wubb Girlz big concert in Wuzzlewood!

    17. Wubb Girlz Iron-On

      A souvenir shirt is only an iron-on away!

    18. Wubb Girlz Backstage Pass

      Grant your kids backstage access to the biggest concert of the year!

    19. Wubbzy's Clean Room Door Hanger

      Help your kids get the hang of keeping their rooms clean.

    20. Wubbzy Car Bingo

      The best game to play when you are on the go. Just say, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Bingo!

    21. Wubbzy's Make a Monster Game

      This monster is much more than the sum of its parts!

    22. Wubbzy Difference Activity Pack

      The pictures are different/Can't you see?/Find out how/Then show 'em to me!

    23. Pin the Glasses on Walden

      For some Wubb-tastic party fun, kids can try this alternate version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

    24. Wubbzy's Valentine's Envelope

      Guess who wubbs you?

    25. Wubbzy Garden Iron Ons

      Print out these decals on iron-on transfer paper to decorate Wubbzy's Garden Apron.

    26. Nick Jr. 3D Holiday Cards

      Your child's Nick Jr. pals are popping up to say "Happy Holidays!"

    27. Wubbzy's Light Switch Plates

      Wubbzy and friends shine a light of creativity and fun.

    28. Wubbzy's Mystery Pictures

      Bring Wubbzy's mysteries to light--just add some color!

    29. Wubbzy's Door Nameplates

      Say it loud and say it proud: This room belongs to . . . ?

    30. Wubbzy & Daizy Door Hangers

      You name it! Your room, that is. So open that door!

    1. More Winter Holidays
      1. PAW Patrol Letter to Santa

        He knows whether they've been naughty or nice, but does he know what they want for Christmas?

      2. Bubble Guppies Ornaments

        Use these printable ornaments to decorate your tree or your paper chain tree!

      3. PAW Patrol Holiday Ornaments

        These PAW Patrol ornaments will rescue your tree from being ordinary!

      4. Bubble Guppies Holiday Garland

        Your little guppies can help make this o-fish-al decoration!

      5. Julius Jr. Holiday Coloring

        Let's find out what the Invention Dimension is cooking up for the holidays!

      6. Peppa Pig Holiday Decorations

        These ornaments and paper chains are perfect for your Peppa Pig-lets!

      7. PAW Patrol Holiday Coloring

        Your pups will want to get their paws on this holiday coloring pack!

      8. Lalaloopsy Holiday Coloring

        Kids can color while they tune in to Lalaloopsy!

      9. Julius Jr. Holiday Card

        Kids can spread the holiday cheer with this printable greeting card

      10. Nick Jr. Holiday Gift Tags

        Just in time for wrapping!

      11. Nick Jr. Hanukkah Gift Tags

        Avoid gift mix-ups with these festive Nick Jr. Hanukkah gift tags!

      12. PAW Patrol Christmas Card

        This holiday card can also be used as a tree ornament!

      13. Peter Rabbit Christmas Puzzle

        Don't be puzzled. This present is ready for you!

      14. Peter Rabbit Holiday Card

        Send friends a seasonal greeting from Peter!

      15. Peter's Holiday Coloring Pack

        Print this 5-page pack and let kids make it a very colorful Christmas for Peter and his pals

      16. Dora's Holiday Party Coloring

        Color these pages and learn about all sorts of holidays

      17. Peter Rabbit Holiday Garland

        Deck the halls or trim your trees with this cute cut-and-connect paper garland

      18. Umi Advent Calendar

        There's an exciting surprise behind each date in our umirrific Christmas calendar

      19. Bubble Guppies Holiday Coloring

        This Bubble Guppies holiday coloring pack is swim-sational!

      20. Umizoomi Gift Wrap Pack

        Surprise Umifriends with Milli, Bot, and Geo under the tree!

      21. Umi Holiday Spot the Difference

        You'll need sharp eyes to spot what's different in each row!

      22. Dora 3 Kings Day Coloring Page

        Bring out the royal crayons and let the coloring begin!

      23. Peppa Pig Holiday Coloring Book

        Here's a holly jolly coloring pack featuring Peppa & her merry pals!

      24. Peppa Pig Greeting Card

        Kids can color, add stickers & include their own merry message!

      25. Peppa Pig Holiday Maze

        Kids can help Peppa mail her letter to Santa by solving this maze!

      26. Bubble Guppies Ornaments

        Use these printable ornaments to decorate your tree or your paper chain tree!

      27. Tonight Is a Holiday Lyrics

        Join the Bubble Guppies for a very merry sing-along! Let's go!

      28. Swiper's Good Deed Tree

        Even Swiper wants to be on Santa's nice list. Encourage kindness with this printable good deed tree!

      29. Dora Christmas Coloring Pack

        Get into the holiday spirit Dora and her friends

      30. Bubble Guppies Holiday Maze

        Dive into a swim-sational maze that's filled to the gills with holiday spirit!