The best beverages come with a splash of fun

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Kai-lan Ladybug Smoothie

Smoothies are super with a little ladybug luck!

Dora's Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Get a taste of the tropics with this healthy, fruity drink!

Molly's Pink Swirly Smoothie

Make them smile with a sweet Guppies treat!

Chilly Gilly Smoothie

A frozen drink that looks like Gil's tail? COOL!

New Year's Fruit-Sparkle Punch

Ring in the new year with these festive drinks

Boots' Monkey Tail Shake

The ice-cold treat is just right for quenching an explorer's thirst.

Diego's Safari Smoothie

Chocolate milk with a frozen tropical twist

Mango-Banana Groovy Smoothie

Take a trip to the tropics with this fruit-filled smoothie!

Dora's Mexican Hot Chocolate

Warm their hearts with Dora's favorite drink!

9 Recipe(s)
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