Beginner Recipes

Beginner Recipes

Keep it simple, keep it fun - a tasty time for everyone

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UmiCar Sandwich

Here's a mighty healthy lunch idea--go on, take it for a spin!

Mr. Grouper Cheese & Crackers

Bubble Guppies fans will dive right into this tasty dip!

Bubble Guppies Sea Snacks

Make a splash at snack time with a swimsational veggie treat!

Max & Ruby Egg Salad Sandwich

Make some-bunny smile with this cute & healthy lunch

Bubble Guppies Campfire S'Mores

Kids will want s'more of this chocolate and marshmallow-filled treat!

Wonder Pets! Ants on a Log

Introduce this classic snack to your child with the Wonder Pets!

Diego's Wild Animals Bento Box

Kids will go wild for Diego's lunchtime ideas!

Mango-Banana Groovy Smoothie

Take a trip to the tropics with this fruit-filled smoothie!

Olivia Strawberry Smoothie

This delicious drink is perfectly pink! Just like Olivia!

9 Recipe(s)
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