Beginner Recipes

Beginner Recipes

Keep it simple, keep it fun - a tasty time for everyone

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UmiCar Sandwich

Here's a mighty healthy lunch idea--go on, take it for a spin!

Mr. Grouper Cheese & Crackers

Bubble Guppies fans will dive right into this tasty dip!

Diego's Wild Animals Bento Box

Kids will go wild for Diego's lunchtime ideas!

Bubble Guppies Campfire S'Mores

Kids will want s'more of this chocolate and marshmallow-filled treat!

Wonder Pets! Ants on a Log

Introduce this classic snack to your child with the Wonder Pets!

Olivia Strawberry Smoothie

This delicious drink is perfectly pink! Just like Olivia!

Bubble Guppies Sea Snacks

Make a splash at snack time with a swimsational veggie treat!

Max & Ruby Egg Salad Sandwich

Make some-bunny smile with this cute & healthy lunch

Mango-Banana Groovy Smoothie

Take a trip to the tropics with this fruit-filled smoothie!

9 Recipe(s)
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