Beginner Recipes

Beginner Recipes

Keep it simple, keep it fun - a tasty time for everyone

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Mr. Grouper Cheese & Crackers

Bubble Guppies fans will dive right into this tasty dip!

Bubble Cookies

These swim-sational cookies will pop right out of your cookie jar!

Bubble Guppies Campfire S'Mores

Kids will want s'more of this chocolate and marshmallow-filled treat!

Bubble Guppies Sea Snacks

Make a splash at snack time with a swimsational veggie treat!

Bubble Puppy's Bone Cookies

Make no bones about it, these cookies are delicious & easy to make!

Bubble Guppies PB&J

Here's a peanut butter and jelly fish-shaped sandwich for your little guppy!

Bubble Guppies Fruity "SUN-dae"

Make this tasty treat any day of the week--it's simple!

Mr. Grouper Sandwich

Make a fin-tastic sandwich that looks like your kid's favorite preschool teacher

Bubble Guppies Macaroni Trees

What time is it? It's time for a new twist on classic macaroni and cheese!

9 Recipe(s)
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