Intermediate Recipes

Intermediate Recipes

Now you're cooking with confidence!

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Bubble Puppy Ghost Cupcakes

What's hiding under that sheet? One fin-tastic treat!

Molly's Pink Swirly Smoothie

Make them smile with a sweet Guppies treat!

Chilly Gilly Smoothie

A frozen drink that looks like Gil's tail? COOL!

Spaghetti & Snowballs Cupcakes

Little guppies will flip for this funny take on dessert!

Bubble Guppies Cake & Topper

Bake the cake and top it off with Molly and Gil!

Bubble Puppy Cupcakes

These fetchin' cupcakes will stand out at your little guppy's next party!

Bubble Guppies Cake Pops

Turn plain pound cake into bite-sized cake pops that look like Little Fish!

Bubble Guppies Sailboat Pizza

All aboard! Kids won't even notice the veggies on this healthy pizza

Bubble Guppies Hot "Dog"

Turn a hot dog into "DOG!"

9 Recipe(s)
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