Intermediate Recipes

Intermediate Recipes

Now you're cooking with confidence!

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Bubble Puppy Ghost Cupcakes

What's hiding under that sheet? One fin-tastic treat!

Molly's Pink Swirly Smoothie

Make them smile with a sweet Guppies treat!

Chilly Gilly Smoothie

A frozen drink that looks like Gil's tail? COOL!

Spaghetti & Snowballs Cupcakes

Little guppies will flip for this funny take on dessert!

Bubble Puppy Cupcakes

These fetchin' cupcakes will stand out at your little guppy's next party!

Bubble Guppies Cake & Topper

Bake the cake and top it off with Molly and Gil!

Bubble Guppies Cake Pops

Turn plain pound cake into bite-sized cake pops that look like Little Fish!

Bubble Guppies Sailboat Pizza

All aboard! Kids won't even notice the veggies on this healthy pizza

Bubble Guppies Hot "Dog"

Turn a hot dog into "DOG!"

9 Recipe(s)
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