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Looking for Nick Jr. Kids recipes? You'll find hundreds of recipes featuring your kids favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Bubble Puppy Ghost Cupcakes

What's hiding under that sheet? One fin-tastic treat!

Vampire Max & Princess Ruby Cake Pops

Surprise party guests with this pair of costume-clad bunnies

Dora Cat Cookies

Bake up purr-fect cookies for your Halloween fiesta!

Pup-Pup Goodies Recipe

Create a snack your kids won't be able to keep their paws off!

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Dora Butterscotch Candy Apples

Make this a-DORA-ble autumn treat for the apple of your eye!

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Bake up a perfect party cake for your Peppa fan!

Diego Bat Cookies

A high-flying Diego dessert in disguise!