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Looking for Nick Jr. Kids recipes? You'll find hundreds of recipes featuring your kids favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Chilly Gilly Smoothie

A frozen drink that looks like Gil's tail? COOL!

Boots "Open Face" Sandwich

Kids will get a kick out of making Boots from bread and bologna!

Bubble Puppy Cupcakes

These fetchin' cupcakes will stand out at your little guppy's next party!

UmiCar Sandwich

Here's a mighty healthy lunch idea--go on, take it for a spin!

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Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora takes the cake. And in this case, she IS the cake!

Molly's Pink Swirly Smoothie

Make them smile with a sweet Guppies treat!

Mr. Grouper Cheese & Crackers

Bubble Guppies fans will dive right into this tasty dip!