meet the characters of lalaloopsy

Meet this lovable gang of friends!

Meet the "Lalas" and find out how each is different and unique in her own way. Which one is your preschooler most like? Who's your child's favorite?

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff

Mittens is the "coolest" character because her house is always surrounded by snow. She has a mellow personality but will step in during a disagreement and remind her friends to "chill."
Pet: polar bear
Signature phrase: "Cool!"

Jewel Sparkles

Jewel is a natural born leader, always carrying herself with grace and poise. She likes to be the center of attention but has a good heart.
Pet: Persian cat
Signature phrases: "That's royally good/funny/silly." "That's perfectly perfect!"

Spot Splatter Splash

Spot is artistic and creative. She will paint on anything in sight and loves bright colors, big messes, and...eating spaghetti!
Pet: zebra
Signature phrases: "That's a zebra of a different color!" "This has possibilities!" "Art comes from the heart."

Dot Starlight

Dot's a dreamer who loves science and loves to study space. But she always has her head in the clouds.
Pet: bird
Signature phrases: "It's a blast!" "That's out of this world!" "Oh, my stars!"

Peanut Big Top

Peanut's a silly prankster who's a little bit clumsy and loves to make her friends laugh. She also has a tendency towards grandiose, ringmaster-like announcements.
Pet: elephant
Signature phrases: "Just clowning around!" "It's the biggest/greatest/finest/fanciest/etc. in Lalaloopsy Land!"

Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises

Rosy nurses all of her friends and even inanimate objects when they're sick. She cares very much about everyone and wants to keep them safe.
Pet: bear
Signature phrases: "You look chilly/overheated/pale/flushed." "I've got a bandage for that."

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

An excellent baker and the "hostess with the mostest." She's soft-spoken but will stand up for what's right.
Pet: mouse
Signature phrases: "What a delicious idea!" "Pretty please with sprinkles on top!" "Sweet."

Bea Spells-a-Lot

Enthusiastic about reading and learning, and a genuine know-it-all. She loves to use fancy words. While she is book smart, she's not always street smart and can miss the big picture.
Pet: owl
Signature phrases: "I read you loud and clear!" "That's exemplary!" "Most discombobulating!"
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