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Maniac Magee

Lesson 1: Find Your Match

Grades 5-9

The objectives are:
1. To identify the similarities people share with each other.

2. To demonstrate to students that they may have more in common with others than they first thought.


“Maniac Magee” DVD (or you can watch from Turbonick)
“Find Your Match” Handout


1.Distribute copies of the attached handout to each participant and ask them to spend a few minutes filling out the column that says “YOU”.

2.Once the students have filled in the “YOU” column, ask them to find classmates whose answers match one of their answers, and get their signatures in the respective spaces. Tell them they have 2 minutes to get as many answers as possible.

3.Tell them they are allowed no more than one match per person.

4.After 2 minutes, call time.

5.Ask students to share any new things they learned about their peers.

Learning Points

1.Sometimes, we might think that someone who looks or acts like we do must also like and dislike the same things we do.

2.Sometimes, we might think that a person who looks or acts different than we do may not like the same things we do.

3.We sometimes might look at people with different hair color, eye color, size, weight, skin color, a limp, and think that they are not like us, and that makes them “different” in a bad way.

4.In getting to know each other better, we realize that we can share a lot in common with those who appear “different” from us.

5.Sometimes a person may get left out of games or activities because others see her or him as “different” and may not think that person likes the same things that they like.

6.It’s very important for us to try to learn more about people, even if they seem different, because many times they like the same things we do.

7.Inviting people to share helps those people feel more welcomed and happy.

Teacher Tips

1.In debriefing this exercise, point out that “diversity” is all of the ways in which we are similar to and different from each other.

2.Having the students understand the meaning of diversity early will be key for continuing these learning activities.


Students will be assessed on participation, active engagement with peers and completion of activity.

Find Your Match

1. Answer questions 1-7.

2. Stand up and find a person who has the same answer you have for #1.

3. Ask that person to sign their name in the “Your Match” column.

4. Look for another person who has the same answer you have for #2.

5. Find another person who has the same answer for #3.

6. Keep looking for your match for #4-7.

My Favorite Things     FOR YOU     FOR YOUR MATCH
1.Person I admire the most

2.Favorite type of music

3.Favorite book

4.Favorite TV show

5.Favorite school subject

6.Favorite food

7.Favorite color