team umizoomi dance pattern game

Here's a warm-up activity to get out the giggles before you get the party started. Kids will pick up math skills while they're moving.

Team Umizoomi Dance Pattern Game Picture

At the Party

Once kids have arrived at the party, have them stand in a line or circle. Demonstrate a simple pattern for the kids, like "Clap, Clap, Stomp, Clap." You can ask for volunteers to help you demonstrate the pattern: the first kid claps once, second kid claps once, third kid stomps, and fourth kid claps once. Once kids have the hang of it, start the pattern game. Have each child participate in the pattern once and then make it more challenging by having kids repeat the pattern faster. Once someone makes a mistake, like clapping instead of stomping, everyone laughs, CRAZY SHAKES, and tries again! See how fast the gang can go while making a perfect pattern. Then try a different pattern.

Other Suggestions

Clap, Snap, Clap, Snap
Jumping jack, body wiggle, jumping jack, body wiggle
Calling out: "Milli," "Geo," "Bot," "Milli," "Geo," "Bot"
nick jr. video