team umizoomi scavenger hunt game

Turn the party room (or house or backyard) into a hunting ground for shapes, numbers, and Umizoomi characters.

Team Umizoomi Scavenger Hunt Game Picture



How to Set Up & Play:

Before the Party:

1. Based on the number of guests expected at the party, print out one Team Umizoomi Scavenger Hunt card per child, or break the group into (2-3 person) teams and print out one card per team. (You may want to print a few extra in case kids make mistakes). Then, print and cut out all the Scavenger Hunt shapes, characters, and numbers.

2. Hide the Scavenger Hunt objects around the house, where you want the guests to search. Tape them in place (or tuck them partway in books, the corner of mirrors, magnet them to the fridge, etc). Try funny, unexpected places so kids have a good time searching. If kids get stuck, you can give them clues along the way, e.g. "Milli looks great in flowers" ("hiding" the picture of Milli in a vase of flowers) and "What do you brush your teeth with?" ("hiding" a picture near the toothbrush holder in the bathroom). Tip: remember to keep a list of all your hiding places, just in case you hid them too well from yourself!

3. If you're playing in teams, come up with names, like Teams Milli, Bot, and Geo or Teams Super Shapes, Pattern Power, and Bellyscreen. Or, wait until the party to help the kids come up with their own fun names themed to math, Team Umizoomi, or the birthday kid.

At the Party:

4. Once you're ready to begin the Scavenger Hunt, divide the guests into their teams and hand each team a card and crayon.

5. Now it's time for the Hunt! Point kids to the room or section in the house where they should search. Have them mark each picture with an X when they find the matching picture's hiding place. As kids get stuck, you can give out clues to help them locate all the pictures.

6. As teams finish finding all the items on their lists, they can collect their prizes. Every team is a winner!
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