the umi games

These mini mathletes lock horns against the Sports Robots for the ultimate sports trophy!

The mini but mighty Team Umizoomi take on the Sports Robots for the ultimate sports prize.

Episode Synopsis

Team Umizoomi loves sports! Bot does gymnastics, Milli loves to hit tennis balls, and Geo can easily hit a home run with his baseball bat! But today is no ordinary day of sports for Team Umizoomi. The Umi Games, the biggest sporting event around, are about to begin. Umirrific!

The stadium for the Umi Games is huge and filled to capacity. When Team Umizoomi enters the stadium, they learn that they will be competing against the Sports Robots for the first place prize, the golden Umi Games Trophy! These robots are the biggest, fastest, and best athletes around. Beating them will not be easy. Luckily, these mighty mathletes have special powers to help them! In this episode, Team Umizoomi will practice counting, identifying shapes, and measuring distances in order to beat their automated adversaries in soccer, swimming, basketball, and biking. The three friends even turn to their trusted buddy UmiCar for help in an event. During the competition, all four of the team demonstrate the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. Team Umizoomi must win all four events to be the champions. Tune in to see if Milli, Geo and Bot's mighty math powers are strong enough win the Umi Sports Games!
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