extend the learning: driving around town

Build your child's math skills with these extended learning activities you can use while driving from the Team Umizoomi Educational Consultant.

Want to help boost your child's mighty math powers? Team Umizoomi's Educational Consultant, Christine Ricci, Ph.D., has ideas for simple math games you and your child can play whenever you're driving round town that will strengthen skills with numbers, shapes, counting, comparing, and more, while also building math confidence.

License Plate Spotting

Be on the lookout for license plates! Call out the numbers (and letters too!) you see on license plates in traffic or as they pass by you on the highway. This activity helps children recognize numbers even when they are among letters and other symbols. Older children can pick one number and count how many times they see that number on a license plate (first person to spot their number 10 times wins!).

Counting Cars

Children love to count, so show them that you can count all kinds of different objects in the world. Stuck in traffic? How many cars are in front of you at the light? How many trucks? How many all together? Maybe older children can even figure out the total number of wheels?

Shapes on the Street

Recognizing basic shapes is an important skill and helping your child see that those basic shapes make up many everyday objects. Look around. What shapes do you see? Look for octagonal stop signs, triangular yield signs, even rectangular street signs. What other shapes can you spot on buildings? Billboards? Even in store windows?
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