extend the learning: in the waiting room

Build your child's math skills with these extended learning activities from the Team Umizoomi Educational Consultant.

Want to help boost your child's mighty math powers? Team Umizoomi's Educational Consultant, Christine Ricci, Ph.D., has ideas for simple math games you and your child can play every day that will strengthen skills with numbers, shapes, counting, comparing, and more, while also building math confidence.

The Waiting Game

While in a waiting room at the doctor's or dentist's office (or even in line at the store) open a magazine to any random page. For younger children, ask them to find one thing on the page that is a square or a circle. See if they can spot something blue or yellow. Do they see any numbers on the page?

Turn the Page

For older children, you can play "guess the page number." Open the magazine to a random page and see if they can guess the page number by giving them hints like, "My page number is more than 25 but less then 30. What page did I turn to?"
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