Umi Cops

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Ages 3-6

Sound the sirens, Umifriend, because Umi City smells! Stinko and his Stinkbug Gang have invaded, and the Umi Cops need your kids' help! This game will help test kids' patterns, numbers and shapes skills to get rid of the rancid pests in Umi City. Use the mouse to catch the bugs in each of the infested locations. When driving Umi Car from location to location, use the left and right arrow keys to avoid obstacles such as stink clouds and puddles and use the up arrow key to drive faster. Make sure to collect as many badges and flowers as you can to help combat the smelly stinkbugs! Watch out bad guys, the Umi Cops are ready to roll!

Developmental Skills Features

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Covers numbers, counting, measurement, math terms and comparisons, shapes, and patterns.