about journey to numberland

Can the King of Numbers count on Team Umizoomi to free him from Zilch the Wizard's tower?


Learn all about this special double-length episode before tuning in with your tiny tot! Who's going to save the King of Numbers? We are, Team Umizoomi!

Episode Synopsis

Milli, Geo and Bot travel to Numberland to visit their friend, the King of Numbers. There, Team Umizoomi discovers a magical world where numbers are everywhere- there's a number train, a number Ferris Wheel... even a number castle! Everyone in Numberland loves numbers! Everyone except Zilch the Wizard. Zilch can't stand numbers! He dislikes number so much he uses one of his magic spells to lock the King his crooked tower. To rescue the king, Team Umizoomi must embark on an awesome adventure to find the three keys that will unlock the tower. Their quest takes them across the sea on a pirate ship captained by Square Beard the Shape Pirate. They have to find some way to cross a treacherous crumbling bridge in the Cave of Numbers. And finally, to get the last key, Team Umizoomi must engage in an epic race to beat Zilch to the top of Pattern Peak. Zilch the Wizard uses his magic spells to try and stop them at every turn. But even Zilch and his magic spells are no match for Team Umizoomi and their mighty math powers!
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