team umizoomi numberland game play

It's time for family fun night, and Team Umizoomi is invited! Save the King of Numbers, just like the tiny team did during their Journey To Numberland.


How to Set Up & Play:


Click here for step-by-step instructions on creating the board game and playing pieces.

How to play

The objective of this game is to rescue the King of Numbers from Zilch the Wizard's crooked tower--just like Team Umizoomi did during their Journey to Numberland. Zilch will try to get in the way! Complete his math challenges and advance; collect three keys and win the game. Who's going to save the King of Numbers? Kids can, with Team Umizoomi!

1. To begin, each player should select which character they will be.

2. Place character pieces on the crooked tower where the King of Numbers is trapped. The arrows near the tower indicate the starting direction.

3. Start by allowing the youngest member of the family to roll first. If you are playing with multiple children, allow each child to roll the die to determine the turn order. The child with the highest roll will go first.

4. Once the turn order is determined, allow the first player to roll and move their piece the number of times indicated on the die. Each player will do the same. If a player lands on a Zilch space, that player will have to pick a Zilch card. Parents should read the challenge cards to the player. If the player completes the challenge, he/she can advance the number of spaces included on the card. If the player is unable to answer, their character piece should remain on the Zilch space. There are two bridges included on the board. If a player lands on the space where the bridge begins, they may cross to the other side.

5. Once a player passes a key space, they will collect a key card. All players should collect all three keys and roll to the key lock space to save the king. Line up the keys in the correct order shown on the game board, and win the game!

Additional Challenge Cards

Once preschool players have mastered Zilch's challenges, print these additional 16 cards!

Click here for more challenge cards.

Learning Points

Kids will gain confidence in their counting and other preschool math skills while going on an exciting adventure similar to Milli, Geo and Bot's! With 32 math challenge cards, kids will be able to exercise their ability to identify numbers and values, complete patterns, compute simple addition and subtraction problems, measure and compare objects, recognize shapes, and much more.
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